Earning In-Game Gold with the Help of Divination Skill

Divination Skill

Yes, you read that right! You can earn Runescape gold out of the Divination skill. Almost everything in Runescape can be of use (in one way or another) if you want to amass gold4rs, after all! Let’s find out more about the Divination skill and how it could help you in the article below.

Divination Skill

Benefits of Divination Skill

Divination introduces RS gold enthusiasts to a new production skill. From this production skill, you can actually make money on the side by selling the resources you make. Here are the products from the Divination skill:

  • Boons are permanent passive item buffs that will give you more 10% XP when you are converting memories and energy of certain tiers. Although this cannot be sold for at least cheap RS gold, this can be used to boost your training skill.
  • Portents are automatic-used inventory items which will help you when you are in trouble. It will be used automatically under certain conditions as it will heal you when a player’s health drops under 50% health, or prevent a one hit skill from a monster. This can be a good source of cheap Runescape gold since it is useful for questing or dungeoneering.
  • Signs are pocket-slot items which are automatically activated in a certain conditions as long as it is equipped in the pocket slot. They are made with divine energy. Signs can also be a source of RSgold by selling it to those who may be looking for them.

Divine Location

Divine Location are skilling hotspots which it can be placed anywhere at the cost of energy and also serve as a secondary ingredient. Though it can only be used once a day and can last for 30 seconds, this will help you gather more resources anywhere, hence help maximize your profit by saving time, in case you don’t have the capacity to buy Runescape gold yet.

Understanding Transmutation

Transmutation is a type of method that requires divine energy to convert resources into higher level resources. This could be used if you have extra low level resources and transmute it to high level and sell it afterwards for some Runescape gold!