Hunting Cave Horrors to Secure your Gold for Runescape Account

Earning your gold isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to go to dark and desolate caves to get gold if you don’t want to buy RS gold for your Runescape Account. Today’s guide will show you how to get gold4rs in such places by hunting Cave Horrors.


Investing gold for your Runescape Account

Hunting Cave Horrors can be a good way to earn cheap Runescape gold, but you will need to buy Runescape gold to get geared up for the task. You will need magic or melee gear at level 70 and up. This of course means you will need to have Magic or Attack at 70. It is also recommended to have Defense at 70. Slayer needs to be 58 however to take on the Cave Horrors. Other requirements for this money making method is a Witchwood Icon and a light source. You will also need to have access to the Mos Le’Harmless Caves. That means you will need to complete the Cabin Fever quest.

Earning your gold hunter’s in Runescape Account

The bulk of your gold will come from the Black Mask that the Cave Horrors have a chance of dropping. This item alone sells for 1,413,089 coins on the RS3 market. You will need to kill a lot of Cave Horrors however as it has a drop rate of around 1/512.

To start grinding for the mask, head to the Mos Le’Harmless Caves. The caves can be reached by taking using Bill Teach’s boat or using a fairy ring. The caves are east of the town. Once there, you will need to have a Witchwood Icon and a light source to avoid being damaged.

How to make more gold for your Runescape Account

Other than the Black Mask, Cave Horrors also drop Nature Runes, Limpwurt roots and other items. These can be sold for some profit. To improve the chances of getting the drop, you simply need to kill more of the monsters. As such, better gear will always help. Also having a Bunyip summon that can heal you will help you survive longer in the caves and kill more Cave Horrors.