Might Forget Their OSRS Account

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One problem about having an OSRS account these days is that there is nothing new to do in the game. Old School Runescape being old is one thing, but no new content is another. Loyal players might still be enjoying the game but they will eventually realize that they are just doing the same stuff over and over again with the lack of new content. It is normal to lose players in OSRS but when those loyal players do, there is no time for Jagex to adjust.

OSRS Account: Voiced Out

I can say that throwaway906587678, the author of this post I will share, is an Old School Runescape loyal veteran. How? Cause no one will take time to post in Reddit and complain there about the lack of new content in Old School Runescape. Here is his post:

Like we’ve barely had any updates since summer besides the constant focus on DMM and raids, And I for one am tired of waiting…

I’m not sure if raids will be worth the wait or not but to wait for something as great as Zeah will probably not be worth it. (I think fossil islands meant to come in summer, and thats too far away)

Contemplating just selling bank and rwting it.

Whats your advice on what I should do… Like i’ve just been skilling for raids and its just been shit

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Here comes the fear of mine where loyal OSRS players just want to forget about their Old School Runescape account. There is no new content in the game. Veterans just play the same thing over and over again and there’s nothing new to aim for in the game. Maybe socialize but that can be done in any social media now. So there is no reason really to log in OSRS. Hopefully Jagex will not let this pass and do something about this. They will regret it sooner than they think and might have to close the game for good.