OSRS Account from Runescape 3

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Between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3, it is completely understandable to pick Runescape 3 because it is newer. A player would normally pick the most recent version of a game and not settle with the older version. What are the reasons to ditch the latest version for the older one? If you don’t spend too much time thinking about it, there is no reason to go backwards right? Well, that’s just wrong. There are plenty of reasons to create an OSRS Account even though you player Runescape 3 first.

OSRS Account over Runescape 3

A post in OSRS Subreddit gave me an idea on one instance wherein you create an Old School Runescape Account even though you played Runescape 3 already. Here is the original post:

Recently switched to osrs as rs3 has become stale to me and I want to try out everything os has to offer, starting out with barrows. My question is what are the minimum stats needed to do barrows and what gear should I be using? The wiki isn’t very clear on this so I’m asking here.

My stats: https://imgur.com/a/KWX1R


OSRS Accounts, OSRS Account, Old School Runescape Account, OSRS, Old School Runesscape

So basically, he got bored in Runescape 3. I honestly haven’t played Runescape 3 that much compared to the time I spent in Old School Runescape 3 but maybe RS3 gets boring over time. The post by staceto in Old School Runescape Subreddit is a testament to that. No, I am not comparing Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 and how OSRS is much better than RS3 because OSRS doesn’t get boring. I am just saying that there is and always be a reason to play the earlier version of a game and one could be of the newer game getting stale. Who knows, staceto might find OSRS out of date and go back to Runescape 3. Point is, one can go back from the latest to the older one.

What are other reasons that one go play OSRS after playing Runescape 3? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.