OSRS Accounts: This Never Ends

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I have seen and shared to you guys a lot of stories about OSRS Accounts mistakenly banned by Jagex. Those were the claims of the owners of the Old School Runescape Accounts. As the frequency of these kind of posts gets higher, the more they become more legit. We don’t need any more proof because this happens a lot. So yeah, Jagex, why is this happening?

OSRS Accounts: Another Ban

As I share you all stories about Old School Runescape accounts getting falsely banned, why stop now? Here is another story of a sad player of the game wrongly accused of macroing:


6 Months ago my 2 accounts. I had a pure and a main. Both got banned, permanently. I logged into the account on the runescape main website to see why I couldn’t log in. To find that one was permanently banned along with the other. It said the reason was macroing. I have only ever used the old school runescape client, never any other programs. The account names were, Other Meme ImAfunnyGuy

I know it was a while ago, but i couldn’t log in, I couldn’t post on the runescape forums so I left it and wished I could do something about it. But my friend had said I should try posting it on the reddit osrs. So here I am, wishing this could fix the issue, I’ve never had issues with the account before, I had an email one day telling me to reset my password, and I never did because I never told anybody my password. But I really hope I could get some help, I couldn’t get any evidence either.

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It is okay that Jagex is doing something about the Old School Runescape accounts who are macroing but the mistakes should be at least recovered. They should have something to fix this and compensate them for the trouble. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.