OSRS Gold: Bad News Again

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After the new raid patch, things have been looking good for Old School Runescape. At last, there’s new content and OSRS players can spend their time to something new in the game. It is about time the game gets new content since most players I know in the game are just spending their time to farm OSRS Gold. I imagine them logging into the game and just get into the mindless farming because that’s the only thing they do. I am not saying that farming OSRS gold is the only thing to do inside the game but since most people do this, you can’t blame me to think that this is the only interesting activity to do in Old School Runescape.

OSRS Gold: Going Down Again

Just when things are looking good for Old School Runescape, we hear and read news that numerous players get disconnected and they don’t know the cause of this. It is not really blaming everything to Jagex but these players didn’t lack in putting effort to solve the problem on their end either. An example is this OSRS Sub-Reddit post I bumped into the other day:

I need serious help with knowing what is going on with my osrs! I DC every single minute or every few minutes every time i log in. This has been happening for the past 4 days or so, it never did that before so idk why now. I know it’s not my internet because I’m able to play other online games with no problem. Is something wrong with the osrs servers? Why isn’t anyone else dc’ing like i am? Am i the only one? The game is being unplayable! Help :c

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Kudos to Jagex by giving Old School Runescape a new breath of life into the game but how can players play if they get disconnected every so often? I know, we cannot point all the fingers to Jagex but at least help these loyal players play the game they have been sticking to for years. New content or going back to farming Old School Runescape gold, multiple disconnections still will deter players from playing the game. I hope Jagex won’t waste the recent good reviews from people because of the new content because of this littlest problem of people getting disconnected.