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OSRS Accounts: Toxic

Toxic. This is a word that has been commonly used in the recent years to describe MMORPG community. It does not matter if it is from people with OSRS Accounts or any other online multiplayer game out there. The toxicity between players has been pretty evident and a lot of people have been and are talking about it and what is the cause of it all. Heck, players all over the world are even toxic about the topic of toxicity. OSRS Accounts: Different level So, I think we have discussed already the difference of toxicity level of Runescape 3 Community…

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OSRS Players Like RS3?

If there’s a reason behind why people play Old School Runescape, it is either they really love the game or they dislike Runescape 3. I would like to say that I am kidding with my opening statement but it is true. Anyone would get a quick answer from an OSRS player if they ask them what they hate about Runescape 3. How about we turn the tide around this time? If there is any, what do OSRS players like about Runescape 3? Let’s find out. RS 2007 Account: Question The curiosity sparked in me when I read the thread made…

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Endless Debate in Runescape

Runescape fans and players have been non-stop on comparing Old School Runescape and Runescape 3. Ever since Runescape 3 came out, the comparisons are endless. Maybe this is because long time OSRS players dwell on playing or transferring to Runescape 3 and leaving OSRS behind. Or maybe the other one around, gauging Runescape 3 so that they don’t have to leave all the time invested in OSRS. Who knows? Old School Runescape Account: Comparison One comparison I encountered is the post of Play-07 in Reddit on one difference between Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape: “Heres some fun facts about…