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Updates for the Month of June in Old School Runescape

Tuska the world eater shakes the world of runescape on her arrival during the first week of june! Discover slayer belt! An idea proposed by Dragonsseed, makes runescape accounts owners adventures become more excited and convenient. Adamant and Another from runelabs, the Adamant & Rune dragon proposed by Dragonforcae! This article will cover the update from tuska and rune dragons, so seat back and relax, as we feed you hot news! Tuska the World Eater New Quest! The world must unite to defeat Tuska or it will be destroyed same as what happened to other worlds! Tuska is one of…

New Boss and Items Update in Old School Runescape

New Boss and Items Update in Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape update! About slayer expansion v2, developers revamped some bosses and items. However, some players are disappointed and few are hyped with the update. This guide covers all the necessary information about the slayer expansion v2 for farmers to earn more old school runescape gold. Cerberus’ Collar Opens an Opportunity to Gain More Items The three headed dog Cerberus, now drops boots available to all 3 combat classes. Additionally, Instead of dropping boots, Cerberus will now drop one of its collars; chances are that this item holds a crystal. The crystal from Cerberus’ collar will be an ingredient…