Easy Farming from Hunting Muspahs for Advanced Players


Like most MMORPGs, killing mobs can get you a lot of money. Today’s guide will show you how your Runescape gold hunter earn profit out of these monsters! As with most farming and grinding gold4rs guides, this method will require that you invest RS gold as these mobs are not pushovers that you can easily kill with a couple of clicks. Find out more below!


Investing Capital

Muspahs are one of the post-quest grandmaster monsters players can hunt for cheap Runescape gold. As such, they are pretty hard to kill. It is recommended to have 80 Magic, 92 Prayer, 96 Herblore and 81 Summoning skill to deal with them. The Magic is for access to Ancient Magicks, and the Prayer for protections. Herblore is used to make Overload Flasks, Prayer Renewal Flasks and Super Restore Flasks. Summoning is used for Pak Yaks to carry loot. Alternatively, get Magic Notepaper to keep them. For equipment, get gear that is at least Tier 80 so make sure you buy Runescape gold.  Note that Muspahs are unlocked only if you have completed the Fate of the Gods quest. They can be found Freneskae.

Muspah Hunting

Muspahs are hunted for their drops. In particular, Muspah Spines and Elder Charms. These two are used in the creation of Nightmare Muspah Pouches. They will also drop rune equipment and Dragon Maces that can be kept and later sold on the RS3 Grand Exchange for a good amount of coins.

Hunting these nightmarish creatures require journeying to Freneskae. You will need to use a Sixth-Age circuit to get to the world gate for Freneskae faster.

Maximizing Profit

There are a multitude of ways to get more gold from hunting Muspahs. The most obvious of which is to kill them faster. Having boosts like Torment and Sunshine active will allow you to kill these mobs in three to five hits. Muspahs don’t hit for a lot of damage if you are properly geared, so you will not need to worry about downtime to restore your character’s health. Finally, these mobs are instanced. As such, you will not have to worry about competing with other players for kills and loot.