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Hunting Cave Horrors to Secure your Gold for Runescape Account

Earning your gold isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to go to dark and desolate caves to get gold if you don’t want to buy RS gold for your Runescape Account. Today’s guide will show you how to get gold4rs in such places by hunting Cave Horrors. Investing gold for your Runescape Account Hunting Cave Horrors can be a good way to earn cheap Runescape gold, but you will need to buy Runescape gold to get geared up for the task. You will need magic or melee gear at level 70 and up. This of course means you will need…

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[Guide] Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers

The newly released boss in runescape has been a target for many Runescape gold farmers. Zulrah is a solo-only boss, meaning it cannot be ganged. Parties cannot enter and kill Zulrah. Only a single player could have the opportunity to fight zulrah. Zulrah is a boss monster vulnerable to ranged attacks, though melee attacks are nullified against zulrah. There are three kinds of zulrah, the classic zulrah, armored zulrah and crystal zulrah. Obviously, the strongest and the toughest of all is the crystal zulrah. Anyway, rere are some guidelines on how to slay zulrah Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers:…

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Farming Guide on Gathering Crops to Gain More Gold in Runescape Account

Farming is basically growing crops and harvesting them for useful items using your Runescape Account. Normally, players will harvest the plant itself, instead of letting the crops bloom fruits. There are many kinds of plants that a player could plant, including: vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, hops, wood-bearing trees, cacti and mushrooms. When a player reaches a certain level they are given the possibility to plant wood bearing tress. There are different things to obtain when farming. As this guide will enlighten new players to gain more old school runsecape gold through farming. Guide to Gain Gold through Farming: Getting Started…

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From Mud to Runescape Gold – Crafting Mud Runes for Profit

Many RS gold hunters will buy RS gold just to get Mud Runes. These are used in various spells and even grounded. As such, an easy way to get cheap RS gold is craft them. This guide will show you how as well as point out how to make the process more efficient. Items Runescape gold hunters need to make RS gold Crafting Mud Runes can be done as early as Runecrafting level 13, but for this guide, rsgold hunters are recommended to be at level 75. Magic should be at least 82 while Firemaking should at least be 40….

Old School Runescape Accounts for Jagex

Are you one of those with Old School Runescape Accounts who is about to have enough of the disappointments that Jagex is giving you? Even if this is true, I don’t deny the failures of Jagex, but did you approach every disappointment they give with logic? Well, I think you will find this dude’s post pretty logical. Food for Thought for your Old School Runescape Accounts This is a post by Mercenary0527 in Reddit in “Defending Jagex”: To everyone shit posting and chewing out jagex its honestly just disappointing and childish. Think of the situation they are in. They made…

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Not Satisfied with OSRS Accounts

It has not been good lately for Jagex and Old School Runescape. That’s nothing new? I know right. So what is it now? OSRS Accounts lately cannot login or if they luckily do, they get frequent disconnects. Problems never stop coming for Jagex, huh. Let us see how people react to this. OSRS Accounts Owners Furious Reddit is the medium in bringing news and of course, opinions and emotions towards Jagex. I don’t know if Jagex already knows this problem because it has been happening for a while now. Here is a post of one of the players that is…

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OSRS Accounts: More Supportive

One of my past articles I shared to you my thoughts that OSRS Accounts played by players still exist because of the demand voiced out by players to keep the game afloat. Yeah, since players have been vocal about Old School Runescape still should be running because they still want to play and was answered by Jagex, the support team shouldn’t be waning the support. It is not enough that they keep the servers running. There is more to that. OSRS Accounts: Players’ Side First and foremost, we, OSRS players, should be thankful to Jagex that the game is still…

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OSRS Account: Like Darkscape

Old School Runescape has been running since 2007 as a backup for the original Runescape. Players of the first ever Runescape so loved the game that the demand for the game still be running up was answered. Up until now, the game is still available and is strong in terms of player population. Who would have thought, right? OSRS Account: All Complaints It is really a blessing that there is still someone supporting and managing Old School Runescape. OSRS could have been dead a long time now but with the voice of the people and the kind understanding of Jagex,…