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Old School Runescape Curiosity – Continuation

Last time I shared with you the post of PrinceMcGiggle in Reddit asking this: “I can understand how someone would find Runescape from 2007 interesting, maybe they don’t like all the new updates and stuff. What I do not understand is what is the allure when they are constantly updating it and adding features? That isn’t “old school” any more, its just Different Runescape. Is there some set of parameters on “Old School” that allows for some update types and not others? Would love to hear people’s opinions.” We heard from watuphomi in his reply to this post, now let’s…

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Old School Runescape Curiosity

There are a lot of MMORPG’s out there and some you haven’t heard of. When you encounter an unheard title of the game, you tend (at least I) to search for it, read upon on what the game is all about or even go to Youtube to watch some game reviews made by people on that unfamiliar game. Another is to ask people who are already playing the game or knowledgeable about it. You research on a game that you know or play but curious on what people think about it is another conversation. Like Old School Runescape, I know…