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Endless Debate in Runescape

Runescape fans and players have been non-stop on comparing Old School Runescape and Runescape 3. Ever since Runescape 3 came out, the comparisons are endless. Maybe this is because long time OSRS players dwell on playing or transferring to Runescape 3 and leaving OSRS behind. Or maybe the other one around, gauging Runescape 3 so that they don’t have to leave all the time invested in OSRS. Who knows? Old School Runescape Account: Comparison One comparison I encountered is the post of Play-07 in Reddit on one difference between Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape: “Heres some fun facts about…

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Stop the War Between Runescape Games

Players of two games under one company or franchise like Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 would get along pretty well, right? Well, not in their case. Old School Runescape players usually bash on Runescape 3 for all sorts of reasons. The hating seems to pile up a lot recently. Why is this so? Shouldn’t they be getting along since they are just both Runescape games? RS 2007 Gold: Apology An Old School Runescape named wolfzwinkel posted in Reddit in relation to this topic: “I quit RS3 for OSRS 1 year ago after I finally maxed my account. I was…