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OSRS Accounts: It Has Come To This

Wow, I have never thought that the negativity from Old School Runescape players have grown so bad that people are actually making satires or sarcastic jokes out of them. Really, I only thought that MOBA’s are the ultimate juicer of rage from players but seeing all the talks from forums and Reddit, I think Old School Runescape negativity and toxicity surpassed MOBA. Like, if you are experience overflowing rage, you should create multiple OSRS Accounts and login there. They will appreciate your anger and will try to match it and even defeat you in terms of rage level. That’s how…

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OSRS Players Like RS3?

If there’s a reason behind why people play Old School Runescape, it is either they really love the game or they dislike Runescape 3. I would like to say that I am kidding with my opening statement but it is true. Anyone would get a quick answer from an OSRS player if they ask them what they hate about Runescape 3. How about we turn the tide around this time? If there is any, what do OSRS players like about Runescape 3? Let’s find out. RS 2007 Account: Question The curiosity sparked in me when I read the thread made…