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Magic Pyre Logs

Making Runescape Gold with Magic Pyre Logs

Today’s guide will be for Runescape gold hunters who want to earn RS gold fast and easy. Did you know that you can actually make Runescape gold with Magic Pyre Logs? These logs are used for the Shades of Mort’ton minigame and other activities, which means you can sell them for the right price. Read more below to find out how to make gold out of these wooden resources. Investing Like with all methods for earning RSgold, you have to invest a bit of time, effort, and of course, gold4rs as well, in order to earn more. You gain some; you lose some….

Christmas Highlights

Christmas Highlights: New Defenders in Runescape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes. Today’s article will focus on the new defenders for Runescape gold hunters as part of our Christmas highlights this year. Celebrating Christmas Everyone’s favourite off-hands get a much deserved upgrade this Christmas season. In addition to this, three new tiers – all the way up to Level 90, will be added for RSgold hunters! The new defenders follow the same progression system as the existing…

Exclusive Christmas Events

Exclusive Christmas Events in Runescape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes. The Return of Winter Weekends Access the Christmas interface in-game by clicking either the snowman icon on the Ribbon or the Minimap bezel for full details of everything, from the multi-part Christmas holiday quest, to the return of Winter Weekends and loads of community events. There’s also an Advent Calendar which will earn you useful gift, sometimes rare and will cost heaps of rsgold, each December day, all the way…

Camel Warriors

Raptor’s Challenge: Camel Warriors – Runescape

Every week throughout the month of November, a new high-level monster will be released in Runescape for Runescape gold hunters who chase after the thrill of battle. Each monster comes with a truly epic loot to claim, all for the bravest of slayers that triumph over the challenges they will face whilst they battle against these beasts. Find out more in the article below! Become a Slayer Master In his ongoing quest to take down Gielinor’s biggest game, the Raptor has set himself up south of Port Sarim as a slayer master for November. Slayers of all levels can take a daily, level-appropriate assignment…

Country Side Activities

[Guide] Country Side Activities in Runescape

Let’s admit it: earning a generous amount of RSgold for your gold4rs hunter will often require a lot of high level skills or special items. But there are other ways to go about this if it’s just cheap Runescape gold you want. Today, we will show you two ways to get cheap RS gold easily without having to buy RS gold. Get ready to chase chickens and pick potatoes—the country side is calling! The Chicken Method Chickens are an easy source of cheap Runescape gold. You don’t need to buy Runescape gold as you won’t need to level up skills. In fact, you don’t…

Big Chinchompa

An Runescape Guide to the Big Chinchompa (Members Only)

There are a number of ways to earn RS gold in Runescape. Completing tasks, regardless of how simple a task it may be, can already grant you gold4rs, as well as other rewards. Help Nyriki Tapio capture Big Chinchompa for awesome miscellaneous rewards! Big Chinchompa Nyriki Tapio is constantly discovering tunnels to Big Chinchompa caves around the world. As they are volatile creatures, trying to capture it by force can be dangerous due to their explosive nature. He has a plan to catch it safely; that is, to put it to sleep by feeding it their favourite food, soporith moths….

Swept Away

Swept Away F2P Quest in Runescape Part 2

Swept Away is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters originally released to accompany the 2008 Halloween event. It revolves around helping the witch Maggie complete her special goulash being cooked in her cauldron. Find out more about the quest when you buy Runescape gold in the article below. Hetty in Rimmington For the final enchantment, travel to Rimmington to speak with Hetty in her house, east of the town well. Instead of enchanting the broom, however, Hetty will promise to concoct a ‘theurgical broom ointment’ that you can directly apply on the broomstick. To complete the said ointment, she will need a newt. Luckily, you won’t have to search far…

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer F2P Quest in Runescape Part 3

Dragon Slayer is an F2P Runescape quest for gold4rs hunters, and is regarded as the most difficult of all F2P quests. Once successfully completed, players will gain the ability to equip the rune platebody and its variants, the blue d’hide body and its variants, and the batwing torso. Read the article to find out more about Thalzar’s map piece. How to Obtain Thalzar’s Map Piece There are a few items you will need for this next part of the quest: an unfired bowl, a Wizard’s Mind Bomb, a lobster pot or a crayfish cage, and silk—all of which you can purchase off…

What's Mine is Yours

What’s Mine is Yours F2P Quest in Runescape Hunters P2

What’s Mine is Yours is an F2P quest for cheap RS gold hunters in Runescape who want more gold4rs. In this quest, you need to help revive Doric the dwarf’s dying business, but there is actually more to the story than that. Find out more in the second part of the What’s Mine is Yours walkthrough below! Back to the Workshop Speak with Doric and recount what happened at the Rimmington mining site with the living rock brawlers, the dark wizard, and the dwarf. Show him the wizard’s diary and the Gofannon amulet. Now that you have acquired the ores, Doric will ask you to use…

Shield of Arrav

Shield of Arrav F2P Quest in Old School Runescape Part 2

Shield of Arrav is an F2P Runescape gold4rs hunters’ quest where the shield of the famous Arrav of Avarrocka has been stolen by organized crime syndicates in Varrock. Find out more about this quest in the article below. More about the Phoenix Gang Previously, you climbed the ladder down to the hideout. Once inside the hideout, talk to Straven to ask to join. He will mention the Varrock Herald newspaper as a cover up. There should be an option to tell him that you know who he is: a member of the Phoenix Gang. If this option isn’t there, go back to Baraek and ask him about…