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Hunting Cave Horrors to Secure your Gold for Runescape Account

Earning your gold isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to go to dark and desolate caves to get gold if you don’t want to buy RS gold for your Runescape Account. Today’s guide will show you how to get gold4rs in such places by hunting Cave Horrors. Investing gold for your Runescape Account Hunting Cave Horrors can be a good way to earn cheap Runescape gold, but you will need to buy Runescape gold to get geared up for the task. You will need magic or melee gear at level 70 and up. This of course means you will need…

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[Guide] Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers

The newly released boss in runescape has been a target for many Runescape gold farmers. Zulrah is a solo-only boss, meaning it cannot be ganged. Parties cannot enter and kill Zulrah. Only a single player could have the opportunity to fight zulrah. Zulrah is a boss monster vulnerable to ranged attacks, though melee attacks are nullified against zulrah. There are three kinds of zulrah, the classic zulrah, armored zulrah and crystal zulrah. Obviously, the strongest and the toughest of all is the crystal zulrah. Anyway, rere are some guidelines on how to slay zulrah Slaying Zulrah for Runescape Gold Farmers:…

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Farming Guide on Gathering Crops to Gain More Gold in Runescape Account

Farming is basically growing crops and harvesting them for useful items using your Runescape Account. Normally, players will harvest the plant itself, instead of letting the crops bloom fruits. There are many kinds of plants that a player could plant, including: vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, hops, wood-bearing trees, cacti and mushrooms. When a player reaches a certain level they are given the possibility to plant wood bearing tress. There are different things to obtain when farming. As this guide will enlighten new players to gain more old school runsecape gold through farming. Guide to Gain Gold through Farming: Getting Started…

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From Mud to Runescape Gold – Crafting Mud Runes for Profit

Many RS gold hunters will buy RS gold just to get Mud Runes. These are used in various spells and even grounded. As such, an easy way to get cheap RS gold is craft them. This guide will show you how as well as point out how to make the process more efficient. Items Runescape gold hunters need to make RS gold Crafting Mud Runes can be done as early as Runecrafting level 13, but for this guide, rsgold hunters are recommended to be at level 75. Magic should be at least 82 while Firemaking should at least be 40….

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Agents of Fury Event Note for RS07 Account Owners

New event will be up and running this coming April. The Agents of Fury event is a demonic in-game event for RS07 Account owners. There will be new benefits from your Runespan training and some awesome additions to the Arc. This event will be a feast of RuneScape joy in this week’s update. The Agents RS07 Account’s Fury Agents of Fury are the Avernic general Nymora has sent two vengeful envoys to Gielinor’s surface. The objective is to help them gather trophies of fallen foes and reap the rewards using your RS07 Account. The main things you should do in…

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Old School Runescape Gold: Efficient

Every player wants to be efficient in that game that they are playing. What does it mean? A good player always wants to spend his limited time (assuming he only plays after work or school) to do only the necessary things needed to be done in the fastest possible way. So as a new OSRS player, do you want to be efficient as well so you can progress quickly and earn your Old School Runescape gold as early as possible? Check this out! Old School Runescape Gold: List You may want to finish these quests in order because it is…

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Hunting the Kalphite King for Gold in Runescape

The Kalphite King, formerly dubbed the “Toughest Boss in RuneScape history”, is a boss monster who can be found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. The Kalphite King was first mentioned at RuneFest 2011 in Mod Mark’s RuneScape 2012 speech for Runescape Account owners. The Kalphite King is the only monster in the game that can drop the Drygore longsword, mace and rapier, along with their off-hand versions, powerful melee weapons that require 90 attacks in order to wield. The Kalphite King Rewards for RuneScape Account Holders The fight with the Kalphite King is a challenge that requires players to be…

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Lesser Demons in Hunting in Runescape

Lesser demons originate on Infernus, where they were called Byzroth, as the other demons seen in Gielinor do. They are part of the Avernic race, which were tribal and primitive which was usually attacked by hunters of Runescape Gold, and slaves to whoever was ruling Infernus at the time. They’re a kind of demon weaker than the closely-related greater demons, categorized by the absence of wings. They have 5000 life points, a maximum hit points of 480 damage, a hit at the speed of a scimitar or mace, and regenerate at an average rate of 20 life points per minute….


Easy Farming from Hunting Muspahs for Advanced Players

Like most MMORPGs, killing mobs can get you a lot of money. Today’s guide will show you how your Runescape gold hunter earn profit out of these monsters! As with most farming and grinding gold4rs guides, this method will require that you invest RS gold as these mobs are not pushovers that you can easily kill with a couple of clicks. Find out more below! Investing Capital Muspahs are one of the post-quest grandmaster monsters players can hunt for cheap Runescape gold. As such, they are pretty hard to kill. It is recommended to have 80 Magic, 92 Prayer, 96 Herblore and 81 Summoning skill…

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Earning In-Game Gold with the Help of Divination Skill

Yes, you read that right! You can earn Runescape gold out of the Divination skill. Almost everything in Runescape can be of use (in one way or another) if you want to amass gold4rs, after all! Let’s find out more about the Divination skill and how it could help you in the article below. Benefits of Divination Skill Divination introduces RS gold enthusiasts to a new production skill. From this production skill, you can actually make money on the side by selling the resources you make. Here are the products from the Divination skill: Boons are permanent passive item buffs that…