Farming Guide on Gathering Crops to Gain More Gold in Runescape Account

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Farming is basically growing crops and harvesting them for useful items using your Runescape Account. Normally, players will harvest the plant itself, instead of letting the crops bloom fruits. There are many kinds of plants that a player could plant, including: vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, hops, wood-bearing trees, cacti and mushrooms. When a player reaches a certain level they are given the possibility to plant wood bearing tress.

There are different things to obtain when farming. As this guide will enlighten new players to gain more old school runsecape gold through farming.


Guide to Gain Gold through Farming: Getting Started in Runescape Account

One of the fastest ways to start farming is through doing the quest fairy tale I – growing pains. This will give the player an enormous amount of experience that would hop the player’s farming level from 1 to 17. Afterwards, the player will receive an item called “magic secateurs.” It is an item that increases the yield of crops by 10% while harvesting.

Guide to Gain Gold through Farming with RS Account: Crop Running

Crop running is a venture on visiting different farming locations to efficiently harvest crops. It is for high level players who have yet to start gaining levels on farming.

To start crop running, plant marigolds in a flower patch but do not harvest them. Some plants are protected by marigold. However, plants such as cabbages are not. These kinds of plants need to be protected by a gardener.

Onion and tomato are used to pay gardeners.

When planting herbs, always use supercompost, it’s to avoid herbs from getting diseases while growing.

When farming always keep in mind these stuff to gain more old school runescape gold, and it’s not that complicated.

Guide to Gain Gold through Farming: List of Tools in Runescape Account

Here is a list of farming tools:

Rake – used for getting rid of weeds in a plot

Spade – used for harvesting crops, removing dead plants and bushes

Watering Can – used for watering plants

Seed dibber – is for planting seeds

Gardening Trowel – is for filling plant pots with soil

Secateurs – to diminish diseased branches and bushes

Basket – it is used to store fruits

Sack – used for storing vegetables

Plants Pot – used for growing tree saplings.