From Mud to Runescape Gold – Crafting Mud Runes for Profit

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Many RS gold hunters will buy RS gold just to get Mud Runes. These are used in various spells and even grounded. As such, an easy way to get cheap RS gold is craft them. This guide will show you how as well as point out how to make the process more efficient.


Items Runescape gold hunters need to make RS gold

Crafting Mud Runes can be done as early as Runecrafting level 13, but for this guide, rsgold hunters are recommended to be at level 75. Magic should be at least 82 while Firemaking should at least be 40.

Players will also need to have some cheap Runescape gold on hand to buy the needed materials. Each rune requires a Pure Essence and a Water Rune. This is because we will be using the Earth Altar to create the runes. Astral Runes are also needed to cast Magic Imbue which in turn will negate the need for talismans. Binding necklaces are also needed to ensure 100% crafting of the Mud Rune.  Lastly, you may need to buy Runescape gold to afford a Steam Battlestaff. The latter gives you access to unlimited Water Runes.

Process RS gold hunters need to make Runescape gold

Once you already have the materials head to an Earth Altar. One can be accessed from the sawmill balloon. The sawmill can, in turn be reached by balloon near the Castle Wars lobby. Once at the altar, cast Magic Imbue. You can then craft the Mud Runes by clicking the Water Runes onto the altar. After that, it’s a simple matter of selling them on the Grand Exchange for 431 gold4rs each.

Other RS gold considerations for Runescape gold collectors

There are several ways to improve your profits with this method. The most obvious one is to increase the amount of materials and runes you can carry to and from the altar. This will require you to have an Abyssal Titan and an Abyssal Titan Pouch. If you’re going to use pouches, make sure to have a Repair Rune Pouch spell or access to NPC Contact to have it repaired. Having a Ring of Duelling is also a good way to quickly teleport back to the Castle Wars area.